Josh’s Personal OSS Page

Personal site for sharing open source stuff.

Josh’s Personal OSS Page

Me haranguing OSCON audiences.  Photo copyright 2010 James Duncan Davidson for O'Reilly,

This page is full of open source stuff I work on, and talks I’ve given, which require hosting, but don’t require real hosting. Below are what’s in here.


I am no longer on Twitter.



Kubernetes/CNCF Talks

Talk (slides) Video Date Comments
The Cloud Native Burrito (25min version) 1hr video/25m video    
Setting up Kubernetes on CentOS     Scripts repo for setup
Kubernetes 1.11 LT      
You Got Your VM In My Container      
Containers: A Guide for the Perplexed      
State: That’s What’s Happening      
Kubernetes 1.3      
Kubernetes 101      
Bots, Not Cattle     Ignite version, Automacon Keynote

Community Talks

Talk (slides) Video Date Comments
Choose Your Candidate (voting for OSS projects)      
Governance: Six Types and Three Templates      
Why Database Projects Can’t Leave Licenses Alone video    
What Sponsors Want      

Ignite Talk Videos

I love doing Ignite talks! Here are some of mine:

Database Talks

Talk (slides) Video Date Comments
Explain Explained (for Prisma.js)      
Postgres GUCS Tutorial      
Kube-Native Postgres      
Schrödinger’s Elephant      
Containerized Clustered Postgres      
Postgres and PetSet      
How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Failover      
Full Automatic Database      
PostgreSQL 9.5 for Big Data      
Postgres Performance In 15 Minutes      
Explain Explained      
Postgres + Scipy For Great Stats     SQL file

Other Technical Talks

Talk (slides) Video Date Comments
Ansible 101 self-paced mini-tutorial      
Docker > Virtualenv      
Ad-Hoc Graphs with Ipython     Preso is entirely in python Notebooks

Other Videos